Announcement Date: April 24, 1998

For the 1998 symposium, we made some changes in format. Responding to many participants’ wishes to meet more often in small groups with others outside their areas of disciplinary concern, we asked all 36 to pose a “focusing question,” an issue which illumined their primary engagement with the Shoah. We worked intensively in small group meetings to open discussion surrounding these questions. Sessions were organized around central themes which emerged in the posing of these focusing questions. These themes included: “The Endeavor to Face Radical Evil”; “The Shoah, Other Genocides, and the Call to Action”; “The Call of the Other: Post-Shoah Reckonings”; “The Burdens of Faith in the Age of the Shoah”; “Educating Toward Goodness/Away From Evil”; and “The Anguish of the Aftermath.” An in-house publication, entitled Fragments From Wroxton, emerged from the writing of the original questions, further illuminated by discussion during the small group sessions; each of the 36 participants was given two copies of the text, one for personal use, the other for the library of an institution with which he/she was affiliated. Finally, Emil Fackenheim was invited to join us for the duration of the symposium; as part of his participation, Dr. Fackenheim addressed the symposium as a whole.